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Prolife advocate from conception to natural death, Brigitte Cecelia is fully immersed in the life of the Church not only as a daily Mass attender but a lifetime of community service stemming from the Church choir at the young age of 5 to currently sitting as Parish Pastoral Council at the Archdiocesan parish of St Joseph’s Basilica.  Brigitte’s long history of stewardship includes sitting on Liturgical committee as the coordinator of Altar servers, Children Liturgy, Social Justice and Social Action committees, and many more, always including her favorite, as greeter.  Currently, Brigitte is a lector, is the local Coordinator for Together We Serve, a member of the prestigious Archdiocesan Cathedral choir, EM and CWL, and of course, greeter.

Brigitte Cecelia’s sense of stewardship and dedication to the Church will ensure that every Catholic School board decision will always be in accordance to the Truth of the Gospel.

Brigitte advocates that since the Alberta government maintains that parents are perpetually held as the primary educator of their children then parents must maintain the right to direct, and be fully informed, about all aspects of their children’s education including a transparent curriculum development focused on clearly defined and foundational skill outcomes. Anything less suggests that it is not educational; It is social engineering!

We Are The Public!  …is Brigitte’s response to the maintenance of funding to support a wide range of educational choices, including independent, faith-based schools, charter and alternative schools, and all forms of home education.   Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools Ward 1 owes it, not only to our community and the province, but for Canada’s sense of democracy to remain a public funded board.  Look upon our history, perhaps the banner on our Little White School House that reads St. Albert R.C.P.S.D.3., because, we are the public.  Provincial education started right here, in St Albert, Alberta.

You likely have met Brigitte at her recent part time employment at St Albert’s largest and newest liquor store or in the recent past as a Triathlon and Competitive Swimming coach investing many hours for her athletes at Fountain Park Pool and Servus Place or at local competitions in the sport or participating in local competitions at music festivals and art shows. 

Aware of the influence of 1904- 52 John Dewey-isms impacting contemporary education Brigitte Cecelia’s passion as a Catholic educator has enabled her familiarity and attentiveness to curricula, learning goals and outcomes as the rubric of education.  Guidance, Governance, Protection, and Keeping It Catholic, the trials our Catholic schools face today, is the reason Brigitte Cecelia’s bulletin ads, flyers and signage declare that the Biggest Bully in Our Catholic Schools is the contemporary Provincial Government. 

Strong voice and strong faith committed to the Church and its mission is what is needed today as a St. Albert Catholic School Trustee and compels Brigitte to run. 

You have come to know the personable, responsible stewardship, with contagious enthusiasm and attentive Catholic governance of Brigitte Cecelia. Preparing for our Tomorrows Today and Always for the Glory of God, we know and remember that The FOUNDATION of UNITY is EDUCATION that Promotes TRUTH.

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Protect Our Catholic Schools!

Take Action Today as our Catholic School System is at risk! 

Make sure that your property tax bill reflects your support of publically funded Catholic Schools.

It is important for Catholic rate payers, even if your children are out of school, to designate your property taxes for Catholic separate schools.

Publicly Funded

Contact our MLA Marie Renaud . Let her know  you insist on your constitutional right and you want Alberta to have today's Catholic School system in the future!

Catholic Curriculum

Avoid social engineering and political correctness. Keep the curriculum in accordance with our faith.

Allow for choice in education.  Choices are better than no choices. 

All forms of delivery of education.  Support for us home schoolers too! 

The Biggest Bully in our Catholic Schools today is...

the Provincial Government!


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